1. PBIO 1140 - Foundations of Plant Biology (Offered to both majors and non-majors)

An introductory biology course delivers the fundamental concepts and theories in cellular and molecular biology using plants as a model system. It covers cell structure, plant development and bioenergetics, central dogma of genetics, protein biochemistry, to evolutionary theories.

PBIO 1140 Spring 2015: Enrollment 54 (60 full seats)

PBIO 1140 Spring 2016: Enrollment 60 (60 full seats)

PBIO 1140 Spring 2017: Enrollment 63 (60 full seats)

2. PBIO 2050 - Biotechnology: From the Lab to Daily Life (Offered to non-science majors)

An introductory course that covers the basic biological principles behind biotechnology from genetically modified bacteria, plants, animals, to human beings.

3. PBIO 4280/5280 - Laboratory in Genomics Techniques (Offered to senior majors and graduate students)

An up-level course that provides a number of essential laboratory skills in genomics, including bioinformatics in genomics and transcriptomics, molecular cloning, genomic DNA analysis, protein biochemistry, and RNA expression analysis.

PBIO 5280 Spring 2017 Group (A wonderful class!)

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