1.  May 12th, 2017. Hua Lab presented a workshop, titled "Solar Energy to Seeds", on annual campus TechSavvy offered to girls.

Nearly all types of energy we consumed are ultimately derived from sunlight through photosynthesis in plants.  Chloroplasts are little cellular compartments that do this job, which converts solar energy to chemical energy.  In crop production, this energy is primary stored in seeds.  Where are the chloroplasts?  How many are they?  Why isn’t the chemical energy from chloroplasts stored in the same type of seeds?  In this workshop, you will explore the function of chloroplasts, dig the composition of DNA molecules, and appreciate the diversity of life, such as seeds. 

2.  May 14th, 2016. Hua Lab presented a workshop, titled "Explore the Life Machine that Fixes Solar Energy", on annual campus TechSavvy offered to girls.

The most abundant factories on earth are not made by humans, but by plants, and they are called chloroplasts, small compartments inside plant cells. Their jobs are to convert solar energy into chemical energy by making sugars. They also work together with other components inside a plant cell to control plant growth and make the plant either sick or healthy.



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